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Craig's Influences


My interest in massage and traditional medicine dates back to my childhood in Mississippi. My first babysitter, an incredible woman called Granny, made a huge and lasting impression. It was not because she was over one hundred years old and still vibrant and energetic enough to care for small children, but because she had the ability to cure headaches, stomach aches or other “bobos” simply by placing her hands on the problem. The result was immediate and effective, better than any box of pills from the pharmacy! Some of my earliest memories are of Granny’s hands and wishing that I had magic hands like hers!


Growing up, I often enjoyed giving massages or ”Granny Hands” to friends and family. However, I never considered massage as a possible career. My university studies involved education, fine arts and developmental psychology.


I was happy in a rewarding job, working with autistic adults, until a serious accident left me hospitalized for several weeks. After my discharge, I still suffered from incredible pain and the emotional distress that often follows an acute trauma.


It was massage therapy that gave me back my life.


After that experience, I knew what I wanted to do. It was time to get some serious training...



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